Site 1, Unit 1

Site 1

Group 2

A 3 x 3 m unit was laid out at lat. 19.431041°, lon. 103.152352° (northwest corner of unit) between jars labelled 01020093, 01020063, 01020061, 01020062 and 01020094.

There was a large sandstone disc within the unit and some siliceous quartz breccia boulders nearby. The grouping of jars, discs and blocks was the reason the area was selected for excavation.

The unit was not aligned north south due to the configuration of the selected jars. Jar 01020093 was located on the west side of the unit and protruded into the unit. Jars 01020063, 01020062 and 01020061 were located on the east and Jar 01020094 was south. The sandstone disc was adjacent to Jars 01020061 and 01020062. The northern corner of the unit on the grass was 1064.14 m asl and the southern corner was 1064.28 m asl.

After the excavation of Unit 1 had reached sterile soil the area was expanded to incorporate some interesting features. A 50 x 100 cm extension was made to the southwest and labelled 1A and along the northeast wall a 60 x 80 cm extension was labelled 1B. Rather than present the data from these extensions separately they are included below in the description of the excavation of Unit 1.

Note that artefacts found in the extensions of Unit 1 (Units 1A and 1B) are found under those units.





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