Site 85

Naho: Ban Naho village, Khoun district. Skopal and Bounxayhip recorded 24 standing jars, some buried up to near the rim, made predominantly of granite with some sandstone jars present. The jars have flat, recessed inner and recessed inner rim with an outer rim styles. The jars are distributed across three groups, in a valley which has a stream running through it and views of the surrounding paddy fields. Group 1 features 19 jars located ca. 15 m north of the stream. Group 2 features 1 jar ca. 25 m south of Group 1, on the opposite side of the stream. Group 3 features four jars ca. 160 m northwest of Group 1. No stone source was identified in the near vicinity.


Group Jars Discs
Site 85, Group 1 19 0
Site 85, Group 2 3 0
Site 85, Group 3 1 0


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