Site 106

Nam Chat A, Nam Chat Village. This site was visited and geolocated by Skopal and Bounxayhip in 2020. They recorded 18 sandstone jars, 14 of which are either unfinished or broken, surrounded by ca. 33 small to medium sub-spherical stones. Three of the finished jars seem to have been purposely placed in the recumbent position. Additionally, the jars displayed a respectively narrower cavity then those at sites such as 1,2 and 3. In the SouthWest of the site, a ca. five of the small sub-spherical stones were placed in a line from North to South across a distance of eight meters. The finished jars display Reccessed Inner rim types. The site is positioned along a ridgeline with views to the West over lowlands. Based on visual observations, it appears that the jars and sub spherical stones have been carved on site, with the stone used for these features likely transported from another location which is yet to be discovered.


Group Jars Discs
Site 106, Group 1 10 0


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