Site 16

Ban Phai. According to Van Den Bergh et al. Ban Phai is located 6 km to the northeast of old Xieng Khouang in Khun district. The site is relatively small and has 36 jars, of which 35 are granite and 1 sandstone. The site is currently located immediately along a secondary road leading to a charcoal factory, and onwards to Muang Phan. Road improvements in 2006 led directly to the destruction of one of the jars located alongside the road. The site is slightly elevated but lacks the expansive views often found at jar sites largely because it is surrounded by forest. The granite jars are severely weathered and in poor condition. A well-worn path traverses the site. The site was cleared of UXO in 2007, 3 ‘bombies’ were successfully removed from the site.

This site *may* be the site of Ban Nakham which was documented by Parmentier in 1912 and Colani in 1940.


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