Site 110

Say Udom B (Nam Kho area). This site was visited and geolocated by Skopal and Bounxayhip in 2020. Single jar and possible rough-out beside it. Stone source likely nearby river bed. Skopal and Bounxayhip recorded a quarry site with one recumbent sandstone jar broken at the base, positioned ca. 10 m away from a stream, in a small valley. The rim style is Recessed Inner. Adjacent to the jar is a large sandstone piece resembling the beginning of a jar. The nearby stream contains numerous large boulders of sandstone, likely the source of the stone for the jar both at this site and at Say Udom A. The jars at both sites share similar characteristics such as rim type, size and material.


Group Jars Discs
Site 110, Group 1 1 0


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