Site 28

Ban Nakuan. According to Van Den Bergh et al. this site has a single jar, which is located at a mountain ridge saddle near the village of Ban Nakuan. The site has spectacular views of the mountains to the northwest. The massive sandstone jar remains in very good condition.

Colani excavated around the jar and the depression the digging left is still visible. The inside of the jar she found empty while around the jar a polished adze, pottery fragments, glass beads, fragments of bronze and iron bracelets and charcoal were excavated.

This site *may* be what Colani called 'The isolated jar at Ban Sak' (Shewan and O'Reilly 2019:243). She writes "The jar is upright, standing in the middle of a path on a pass (altitude about 1,060 metres), approximately two kilometres north of Muong Soui and one kilometre from Ban Sak, a small Kha village. The view is magnificent: ranges of hills with softened contours lie one behind the other, their colours making a delightful effect as they vary in shade from the foreground into the background. Sometimes they criss-cross….The rock of the jar is a type of molasse, quite compact. The jar itself is of the squat type; maximum diameter 2 metres 05; total height 2 metres 45. Its capacity is greater than the exterior volume of the small jars at Ban Sieng Lieu. Round the opening, a small inner ledge has been worked with care" (Shewan and O'Reilly 2019:244).


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