Site 21


There are numerous jars at the site in various stages of completion spread up the slope of this mountain that attains a height of over 1400m asl. The site has been confirmed as the source of the sandstone jars found at Site 1, some 8km distant. To date, this is the largest known quarry in Xieng Khouang Province for megalithic jars. The quarrying process can be followed through various stages at Phukeng. Unfortunately, the area was heavily bombed during the war and the site has not yet been cleared of UXO, limiting the investigation. The unfinished or rock source for the jars can be found on the steep hills of the mountain. Jars are also located on the lower, gentler slopes leading to the main quarry area; it is possible that these jars were being transported to Site 1 but were abandoned for unknown reasons.



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