Site 52, Unit 8

Site 52

Group 1

Unit 8 was established as an extension, to the south, of Unit 7. The unit was the same size as the former (1m x 3m) and on the same orientation. There were three visible features on the surface of the unit, 1:1 Feature 1 was a sandstone block (inventory # 52/1/ B006) at the west end, Feature 2 was a smaller sand- stone piece closer to the north baulk and Feature 3 was an even larger sandstone block (inventory # 52/1/B008) near the south baulk.

The soil colour was unchanged through the three spits excavated (2.5YR 4/6), red. Nothing was found beneath any of the features noted on the ground surface and no artefacts were discovered in the excavation of the unit to a depth of 30 cm where nat- ural soil was encountered.