Site 1, Unit 1: Layer 2:3

Site 1

Group 2

Unit 1

Layer 2:3



There were no archaeological features nor material culture found in 2:3. An exploratory pit that reached 90 cm below surface was excavated in the northeast corner to assess the stratigraphy below this spit. At around 78 cm below surface (1063.38 m asl) a layer of charcoal was encountered and samples taken from this (cat. 31) for radiocarbon dating. In the extension, 1B, bone fragments and one tooth were removed from Burial 3 below the surface of 2:3. Two teeth were recovered from the screen. The grave cut is for Burial 3 is visible in the baulk of extension 1B. It is apparent that sandstone chips were used to ‘seal’ the grave. The deepest part at which bone was found was 1063.53 m asl.


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